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Arboretum BulovkA is located at the foot of the Ore Mountains in the Czech Republic, 11km north of Frydlant and 7 km south of Harbatice, in the district of Bulovka and bordering Pertoltice. (gps N50.98207, E15.100794) 

The arboretum sits  in-between hills and forests looking out over the mountains of the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.



In 1966 we were searching for a small house with a large garden in the Czech Republic and eventually found an old farmhouse which dated back to 1890 that not only had a large orchard of 2000 ms but also an extra 3.0 ha piece of land.

The following years were spent on renovating the house and turning our 2600 m2 garden into a garden full of herbs. We built a rose garden surrounded by boxwood and we divided areas into different colours set off by green and red beech hedges. 

In 2002 we decided to turn the 3.0 ha into an arboretum. We chose for the borders of the land trees that would naturally blend in with the surrounding area. We also set aside an area of 0.7ha for a very special type of pine (a unique collection of conifers).

The rest of the area would be planted up with equally special deciduous trees, azaleas and rhododendrons.



Long before we bought this property we had often spoken about what we would do when we both retired from work. We were fit and healthy and didn’t want to just sit at home and vegetate. One thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to travel, explore all the different cultures and people. Apart from travel, we were looking for something else to keep us busy, something that would give us both great pleasure . We therefore decided to create an arboretum as this was something completely new  and something we could call our own.

In order to create our arboretum we needed to do a great deal of studying on flora and fauna, the different types of soil, ph values, plus the type of plants that we wanted to have  and how we would go about planting them. And of course we needed to visit other arboretums.

We didn’t just select the different types of trees and plants purely for ourselves but also for the people of the nearby towns and villages and for visitors to enjoy as well. 

We also wanted this to be not only educational but recreational as well.

The Arboretum BulovkA is open daily from sun up to sun down (all year round).



In the autumn of 2003 we started planting up the first of our trees, shrubs and rose hips. At the same time we also started to collect unique trees, shrubs, azaleas and rhododendrons.

We managed to create enough space so that on May 1st, 2004 with the aid of the children from the local primary school and the mayor (Petr Strnad) from Bulovka, we managed to plant 25 Populus temula or Aspen trees. This was all made possible now that Republic Czech is a member of the European Union.


As of 2003 we have planted a great many new trees and shrubs. You can check these out in the following chapters under deciduous trees, conifers , shrubbery and rhododendrons.

All the names of the trees and shrubbery are described in :



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